New Austin Gonzo

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New Austin Gonzo League


We are a fun-loving bunch of football enthusiasts who thrive on the joys and frustrations of playing Fantasy Football.

The Austin Gonzo League was formed in 2001 and was changed to New Austin Gonzo in 2011 with the advent of a new commissioner and a slight change in membership. Will (The Raging Toros) was commish for the first two years as New Gonzo, and Dave W. (BLeaguer) is in his third year as our leader.

We have always been a redraft league, and we went from 12 teams to 10 and from standard scoring to PPR a couple of years ago, and those changes have been well received by all our members. Less well received has been our change to the My Fantasy League hosting site, but in our third year of learning its features, we are all doing better with it now and hopefully learning to appreciate all its functionality.

Behind the Name

What does “gonzo” mean? In general it can be defined as having a very strange or unusual quality. The term came on the English language scene in 1971 and eventually made its way into dictionaries. This is the entry from Merriam-Webster:

1   idiosyncratically subjective but engagé <gonzo journalism>
2   bizarre
3   freewheeling or unconventional especially to the point of outrageousness <a gonzo comedian>

A Website was Born
This web site,, was a stocking stuffer gift to me from my darling daughter Keely (Wahooligans) last Christmas (2014), and she has done all the hard work getting it up and working and filled with a full year of Pen Scratches and all our bios. So, it is really a wonderful gift to our entire league. Thank-you Baby Bird!

~ pen