New Austin Gonzo

Fantasy Football League

I'm originally from Northwestern Pennsylvania, and I've been in Orlando for almost 30 years. I own/operate a commercial building business here. I have two adult daughters and one teenage daughter entering college this year. My wife is a professional photographer. We are friends of Penny (Yard Birds) whom we met through my wife's father, Charles. Penny and Charles have been good friends since high school.

The first fantasy-type football league I was involved in was started by a friend and me in 1989, before the era of computer stats and scoring and hosted sites. We had to get all our results and stats from the newspaper box scores on Monday and Tuesday after all the games were played. I'm still running that league today and have been in other leagues throughout the years.

I'm currently in two other leagues, both dynasty. I'm excited about your league this year because it's re-draft and PPR. I've never played PPR. I look forward to playing in your league and getting to know each of you.

I’m a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan and was actually a Cowboys fan when I was a kid.

Good luck to you all,


Orlando, Florida

Editors Note: Never mind the "good luck" stuff from our new Florida friend. He won first place in both his leagues last year. This guy's a competitor. Robb, you and Chico better start planning your strategy now.