New Austin Gonzo

Fantasy Football League

As a kid growing up near Detroit, being a Lions fan was impossible. “Able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” was our only chant. Moved to the west side of MI for college and with a good antenna on top of a dune, I found Da Bears! Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, Walter Payton, 1985, now you’re talking football! Alas, all things come to pass in Chicago so I searched for other teams.

In ’89 the Vikings called and asked what I thought about giving 15 draft picks for Herschel. I said “You need Herschel to go to the Super Bowl. Some guy bought the Cowboys, fired Tom Landry, and hired his college team mate as coach?! Say Whaaat? No college coach wins in the NFL. And what can those two idiots can do with 15 picks over 5 years? Do The Trade.”

Time passed and the Lions got Mornhingweg as a coach. I was able to get him on the phone just before the coin flip for OT against the Bears. I said “take the wind Marty, take the wind. They call it The Windy City for a reason!” Again, Lions able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Go Bears.

So, I left the North and moved to FL. My first contract was to turn a defunct Mexican restaurant into a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Grand Opening brought in Shula and a number of Phins. I told Don, “that prevent defense is genius! Stick with that.”

I love FF because I have no team allegiance, only players. When not giving out football advice, I build a few cabinets, remodel a bath, and try to navigate traffic in Austin. My wife loves football and she loves me, but she doesn’t love my football advice. That does not seem logical but I live with it.


Austin, TX