New Austin Gonzo

Fantasy Football League

I’m a tall, light-skinned brother with dimples. I like long walks on the beach. Nah, I’m just a short, white guy who likes fantasy football.

I’m an equipment operator for the City of West Des Moines, Iowa. During the summer I operate end loaders, backhoes and tractors. Wintertime puts me in a snowplow. For my fellow league members from the South, snow is white, flaky stuff that often falls from the sky here. It could happen where you live too, if it ever gets cold enough.

Away from work I like to hunt deer and turkey. I enjoy fishing for walleye from my boat in the open water months and ice fishing during the winter. I enjoy playing the ponies and engaging in a little Texas Holdem at a local casino. Yes, it’s played outside of Texas.

I’ve been married 17 years. My wife, who has MS, is confined to a wheelchair and pretty much needs help doing things you and I take for granted, so a lot of my life is about caring for her. She was diagnosed before we were married, and I signed on for the commitment. We have one son who will be a high school junior this year.

I got involved with the Austin Gonzo League about five years ago through my best friend, Seth (Corn Fed).  I love that everyone in this league takes the competition seriously—especially the seriously good fun we have with Pen Scratches!


Des Moines, Iowa

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