New Austin Gonzo

Fantasy Football League

I’m an engineer working in the field of researching superconducting materials for digital circuits. I’m currently doing contract work for Northrup Grumman in Maryland. It’s a fun job, but I’m unhappy about having to commute 1,000 miles to Colorado Springs to spend time with the love of my life—my new wife, Jessica—and my four new step-kids who are in Colorado Springs.

I’ve been running my own fantasy football league for 12 years, and last year I was in four leagues. I first got involved with the Austin Gonzo League through Keely many years ago when we worked together at Motorola in Austin. We also bowled on the same team, along with Terence, until recently when my work took me from Austin to Colorado Springs and then to Maryland.

Besides fantasy football and bowling, I also play volleyball. Recently I have done some film acting and voice-over work. I love the acting work and hope to keep that as an avocation as my work allows. I also love to write when I can find the time.

Some of you were already my friends, and others I have enjoyed getting to know through all our seasons of playing together. Can’t wait for the trash talk to fly!

Colorado Springs, Colorado

 Editor’s Note:  Scott won second place in our league last year, and he won first place in all three of his other leagues. Time to take him down a few notches is what I’m thinking.

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