New Austin Gonzo

Fantasy Football League

I’m an Information Technology Specialist for The Flippen Group, Educational Consultants, in College Station, Texas, and I do volunteer counseling for the Wounded Warrior Project

Fantasy football has been a passion of mine for about 12 years, and I spend way too much of my time on it during football season months. I’m sure most of you can relate to that.

I am lovingly related to several people in this league. Penny is my awesome grandmother, but she’s more like a mother; Keely is my awesome aunt, but she’s more like a sister; and Dave is her awesome husband, my uncle. Yes, they are all awesome, but we do not spare the trash talk at our frequent family gatherings!

I served in the U.S. Marines from 1998-2003 and did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. My lovely wife, Beth, is currently in the Air Force. We are expecting our first child around Christmas, a son and a future fantasy football champ. He will also be a great hunter, fisherman, archer and dragon slayer.

I look forward to a good season of butt kicking, second guessing, and wondering “what was I thinking?!” 

Good luck all!

College Station, Texas

Raging Toros