I grew up in Grant County, New Mexico, where my family lived on Rosedale Road (hence the name I use for my fantasy teams.) I graduated from New Mexico State University, “The Harvard of the Southwest.” I’ve spent the last 18 years working at IBM in Austin as a software developer.

Currently I’m working with the exciting “Internet of Things” technology, specifically on a service which allows the user to easily connect any device to the Internet and immediately start receiving device events or sending the device’s commands.

I met Keely a few years after joining IBM when we worked together on the same project for several years. That’s when I joined her bowling team and got involved with the Austin Gonzo FF League.

I have a nine-year-old daughter and, courtesy of my bride of only one month, a new nine-year-old step-son.

I enjoy bowling, beer and spending time with family and friends. And I love football! I’m a life-long fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and college football is also a passion.

Austin, Texas

Editor’s Note:  Terence was one of the reluctant last responders to our bio request. Keely sent me the following to use when it looked like her friend might lose his first round pic… “He sucks at bowling; he likes green chili, plaid shirts, old Camaros and Irish Whiskey. He likes to play practical jokes on people.  ~ Just tryin’ to help.”

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