New Austin Gonzo

Fantasy Football League

As a kid, when someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would seriously tell them I wanted to be a quarterback, and I didn’t understand why they laughed. I grew up watching the Cowboys, and my brother and I sometimes played with the older boys in the 'hood who played on Junior High and High School teams. They let me wear their equipment, but they didn’t let me play QB. Well, I was willing to work up to that. Did I mention I was a tomboy?  :)

I actually did finally get to play on a real team. I was the star of my college sorority’s flag football team, but, alas, the pro scouts did not discover me, and I had to make other career plans.

I started playing fantasy football about 15 years ago to satiate my football cravings. The two most important things you should know about me when it comes to FF: I'm lazy and lucky. Thankfully I've had wonderful family around me in the same league who are willing to share their research and knowledgeable advice. And this season I will also have the help of the new "Edge Up" FF app using IBM Watson cognitive technology. I felt like I should give it a shot since I work with the teams that created the technology.

I have close connections to many of you in the league, via family (BLeaguer, Yard Birds, Raging Toros and Corn Fed), and good friends (Infiniti and Rosedale Coyotes), and the rest of you are only one degree of separation (Chico’s, Rampage and Avengers.) What a great group we have!

Outside of work and FF I enjoy golf, bowling, skiing, mountain biking, adventure races, family get-togethers, and eating TexMex and my gourmet chef husband’s cooking.

Austin, TX