I am a semi-retired real estate broker and live in Midland, Texas, the heart of the Permian Basin, so named because it has one of the world's thickest deposits of rocks from the Permian geologic period. This area is the largest petroleum-producing basin in the U.S. I mention this because my OOT friends ask me why Midland? Well, it's a lot of fun being a real estate broker here when all the oil spigots are open.

While playing in the streets and the oilfields around here as a broker, I also helped my husband run our family business, Penny-Quick Printing. I am completely retired from that now, having sold that biz after my husband died in 2000.

I also like to write—mostly for my own amazement, but I have just written a novel and it will soon be available on Amazon. I will send you all a link, and I fully expect each of you to buy at least ten of them to save me the embarrassment of being the only published author never to achieve triple-digit sales.

I got involved in fantasy football because I got tired of watching my daughter and her family and friends have so much fun on football weekends. I wanted some of that, and so here I am counting the days till the season starts and I can start screaming at the TV while flipping channels and following multiple games and live scoring on my computer. My kids created a monster. My kids are Keely (Wahooligans); Dave (B'Leaguer); and Will (The Raging Toros). I have another kid, Clay, who thinks we are all nutz.

Please give a special welcome to "New Dave" DeVore. Dave, I hope you are not too daunted by our MFL hosting site. Keep Keely in your active contacts. She is the only one of us who fully understands the mysteries of how to use all its features. But then she is an engineer who works on the brains of Watson, the super-computer at IBM. She says MFL is only slightly more complicated than Watson.

Hey, ya'll, I'm first up on the draft this year. I hope I get everyone's fave player.  :)  (Can I draft JJ Watt?)

Do y'all realize that our league's results for the past two years were identical? Vic's Rampage won the Super Bowl in both 2013 and 2014, and my Yard Birds won the Toilet Bowl both those years. Let's change that up this year. Let's see if y'all can help the Birds qualify this year, and let our collective mantra be…GET VIC!!

Midland, Texas

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